Sheryl Sandberg

Be on the same team as LeBron James!: Sheryl Sandberg’s hollow Lean In Together feminism

3/5/2015, Salon

Sheryl Sandberg’s Lean In campaign is back in the news today, with a shiny new Web campaign called #LeanInTogether and a New York Times opinion piece explaining “How Men Can Succeed in the Boardroom and Bedroom.” The campaign is a feel-good sales pitch for men to support gender equality that sweetens the deal with promises of higher profits, better sex and the chance to be on the same team as LeBron James.

Sandberg (and her co-author, Adam Grant) argues that “equality is good for men, too,” by pointing to studies that show that women help businesses succeed: “Equality is not a zero-sum game. More profits mean more rewards and promotions to go around.” They also tout the benefits of equality in the (heterosexual, two-parent) home, where involved male partners will reap the rewards of happy children and happy wives if they perform their share of household labor. “Couples who share chores equally have more sex,” they promise. “Choreplay is real.”