Guards Need Job Security of Their Own, Say Apple Store Protesters

In These Times, 9/3/2014

Twelve union activists staged a sit-in at an Apple Store in San Francisco last week to protest the tech giant’s use of a non-union subcontractor, Security Industry Specialists (SIS). The Thursday action came on the same day that Apple wasdrumming up buzz for a new product launch in early September. But the protesters, who carried signs reading “Invisible No More,” were intent on redirecting public attention to the rarely acknowledged men and women who provide security at Apple’s Northern California headquarters and retail stores.

“We are invisible and that really needs to stop,” says Kayla Gordon, who attended the protest but did not take part in the sit-in. Gordon, who worked as an officer for SIS until her hours were cut in 2012, says about the industry, “You don’t have a voice. It’s a hierarchy, and you don’t even know who’s controlling the show.”

As a security guard, she continues, “All you know is, ‘Be quiet, shut up, you don’t have a voice or you can’t work here anymore.'”